ANC Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Long after the communist seizure of power in Russia had crushed andexiled all opposition, so-called counter-revolutionaries were routinely blamed for instability and the failure of service delivery.

The opinion piece by one Ndabezinhle Sibiya (Daily News, May 22), which purports to analyse political instability in KZN is a classic piece of communist disingenuity.

Sibiya’s claim that the division in the ranks of the ANC is the work of “the enemies of transformation” is utter nonsense. The instability within the ANC is entirely self-inflicted. Those divisions essentially are the result of allegiances that are split between the Zuma and Ramaphosa factions.

Thus, Sibiya’s attempt to blame so-called counter-revolutionary forces forthe mayhem within the ANC is a total red herring. The ANC is its own worst enemy.

As for Sibiya’s dream of transformation, his call for “communities to freely vote the ANC into power to ensure the return of the land to its rightful owners,” has to be the most naive, ignorant and irresponsible appeal made in a country that is supposed to be a constitutional democracy.

Just as Lenin and Stalin transformed Russia into a land of constant food and material shortages along with terror and coercion, it is clear from Sibiya’s rant that his political vision would transform KZN into an economic wasteland.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 24 May 2018.

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