ANC is a Front For The SACP

The editorial comment in the Post of February 26 concerning the SACP’s negative influence on South Africa is to be applauded for daring to expose the truth about South Africa’s economic stagnation and decline.

As any diligent student of the history of communism knows, wherever Marxism-Leninism has been imposed, human rights, democracy and individual enterprise have been suppressed and proscribed. Communist totalitarian tyranny cost the lives of over 100 million people in Russia and China during the 20th century and many more millions in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and parts of Africa such as Ethiopia and Mozambique.

Since 1950, following the banning of the SACP by the Malan government, the SACP has been an incubus within the ANC. The Freedom Charter was drawn up in 1955 by communists –  Joe Slovo, Ben Turok and Ruth First. It is a blueprint for communist state control of all aspects of life and is now being applied via the Leninist programme known as the National Democratic Revolution (NDR).

Refusal to privatise SAA, Eskom and other state-owned entities reflects SACP ideology which is for state control of all resources, manufacturing, land and banks. Refusal to abolish B-BBEE and inflexible racist labour legislation and to apply merit as the sole criterion for eligibility for posts, promotions and procurements is a result of SACP control of the ANC. Expropriation of land without compensation and the imposition of the totally flawed and unaffordable National Health Insurance are core NDR and Freedom Charter policies.

Economic growth and prosperity can occur only when state strictures on the economy and resources are minimised as President Trump has demonstrated in the US. But, as you rightly stated in your editorial, Mr Editor, “as long as the SACP is shaping our country’s policies, that won’t happen here.”  Well, not until voters wise up to the reality that the ANC is simply a front for the SACP.

Sent into The Post and published, 4 March 2020

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