America’s Slide Into Marxism

Part 1

Evidence of the transformation of the USA into a one-party, Marxist, globalist vassal state is undeniable. It commenced under Obama whose policies Biden has been extending.

Obama was termed a socialist by Paul Gregory of Forbes magazine in an article published on 22 January 2012. With his agenda of maximising the role of government in people’s lives and flouting the US Constitution, Obama showed that his roots were fervently Marxist. A brief look at certain of the appointments to his Administration emphasised his intentions. His first A-G, Eric Holder, known as Obama’s wingman, was a radical black panther activist.  He defied Congressional subpoenas several times, but unlike Steve Bannon, was never indicted and given a jail sentence. In 1995 he stated on C-Span television that people need to be brainwashed into giving up guns. His successor, Loretta Lynch, another radical black activist, rejected states’ rights to uphold the 1st amendment defending religious liberty. She was guilty of election interference by sending agents to Israel in an attempt to defeat Netanyahu’s election. As Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, came into office owing $42, 702 in back taxes.

Whereas Biden’s regime has demonised opponents of CRT, transgender and abortion policies as “domestic terrorists,” that process had its roots under Obama. In the 2012 election, he ordered IRS agents to crack down on conservatives and the then Tea Party. He criminalised anti-Islamic speech. He used the 1917 Espionage Act to intimidate whistle-blowers into silence for wanting to expose corruption in his Administration. Under Obama, electronic surveillance of US citizens escalated by 64%. He used the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to harness Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft to provide data on the conversations and electronic exchanges of private citizens. In 2013, the Supreme Court ruled his action as unconstitutional, but Obama lodged an appeal.

Obama imposed a programme on media newsrooms called CIN – Critical Information Needs. When Watergate celebrity journalist Bob Woodward protested the unconstitutionality of CIN, the Obama White House threatened him into silence. Obama’s violations of the 1st amendment saw then New York Times editor, Margaret Sullivan, protesting the “unprecedented secrecy and attacks on press freedom” which she deplored as being “under siege.”

Under Obama, a training manual in the Department of Defence classified Catholics and evangelical Christians as “extremists” and court martialed those who proselytised – violation of the 1st amendment. Obama intentionally weakened and gutted the US military reducing it to just 440,000 – its smallest size since 1940. In 2016 he violated the 2nd amendment’s specific warning against “infringing” on the right to bear arms by requiring the sellers of guns to conduct background checks on customers and to ban certain guns.

He financed Islamic radicals in Egypt with $1,5 billion and gave Iran $50 billion as part of a package which allows Iran to develop nuclear capacity.

Domestically, Obama imposed lower educational standards while he sent his daughters to private Quaker institutions at $37,500 per annum. Economic adversity surged under Obama with the number of Americans on food stamps increasing from 31,94 million to 47,7 million just in his first term. US debt surged from $6.92 trillion in 2009 to $19 trillion by 2016. Unemployment and the cost of living increased as a consequence of  Obama’s hobbling of business and commerce with the imposition of 75,000 pages of new regulations that cost the economy $3,9 trillion by 2014. Despite being captured on 29 occasions saying that Obamacare would not affect existing private medical insurance, 93 million Americans stood to lose that insurance because it was not compliant with Obamacare regulations.

The open border policy of both candidate Hillary in2016 and Manchurian president Biden is a continuation of Obama’s illegal aliens patronage. In 2014 he gave amnesty to 5 million aliens, instructed the IRS to give them tax refunds even though they had never paid taxes and facilitated their acquisition of social security numbers. To date under Biden’s open border policy, 6 million aliens have flooded into the US. Cartels are brazenly exploiting the situation.

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