All Things Are Never Equal

Contrary to Billie Prinsloo’s view (The Mercury, October 24), the attainment of a state ‘when all things are equal’ defies reality because the only equality that exists is equality in the eyes of God and, ostensibly, before the law.

Nature knows no equality. Amongst humanity, from womb to tomb, inequality is a universal reality attested to daily, regardless of circumstances. Inequality is exemplified in Christ’s Parable of the Talents in which he recognised differing abilities and aptitudes. The strong, the weak and the mediocre are on display regardless of race or culture.

With the exception of ideological interventions where merit is waived in favour of demographic ratios, proper ranking in terms of skills or suitability is based on merit whether it is selection for a sports team, a work post or promotion.  Even if there was equality within the education system, inequality of outcomes is guaranteed.

Liberty and equality are neither mutual nor reciprocal. Liberty is restricted by ideologically prescriptive state controls which stifle individual initiative and enterprise in their attempt to achieve equality. Such controls have resulted in the ANC’s singular, stellar, success: equality in poverty for the masses.

Merit is what gives substance to freedom of choice. Besides, who, being free, would choose to be equal?

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