Alarmism Exploits The Information War

Whether over so-called global warming or what is touted as a looming world war, alarmism is rife in the mainstream media and among its scribes like Farouk Araie (The Mercury, January 26).

The sabre rattling of nuclear arsenals and the dire threat of global annihilation are false flags being hoisted as a means of diverting attention away from the growing exposure of and opposition to the globalist elites and their Orwellian objectives.

When Donald Trump was President, none of this annihilation nonsense was occurring. Even the egomaniac, Kim Jog Un of North Korea, behaved himself and, as Trump has disclosed, was on good terms with him. During Trump’s presidency there were no wars. So the question the alarmists should ask themselves is: why under the Manchurian resident in the White House has the threat of war and nuclear obliteration suddenly become headline news?

Wars have always been a means to advance political objectives. Trump’s presidency interrupted the trajectory of the globalists not only in terms of their narratives on global warming and their intention to promote social malaise through wokeism and open borders, but particularly in terms of national sovereignty and population control by means of central banking digital currency and surveillance.

In order to reassert control the globalists engineered the Covid plandemic with its totalitarian lockdown, masks, social distancing and vaccine mandates all of which have been totally debunked as unscientific and unconstitutional. But those measures served to justify mailed-in ballots, drop boxes and delayed counting of ballots by means of which electoral fraud ensured that Biden “won” the 2020 election. Evidence of that is incontrovertible.

As the illegitimate president, Biden is merely the conduit through which the globalists are fast-tracking the objectives Hillary Clinton would have pursued had she won the 2016 election. But the socialism they are attempting to impose is being rejected by the majority of Americans who want to return to low inflation and gas prices, deep tax cuts and deregulation, border control and lowest unemployment which Trump gave them.

Thus, the globalist Deep State treasonists are resorting to the threat of war to deflect attention from Trump’s march back to the White House. Among their other strategies are the baseless indictments against him and the fomenting of civil war using shock troops in Antifa, BLM and the MS13 terrorists which the Biden regime has allowed to infiltrate the country. Arising out of such a situation, Biden’s Deep State handlers could claim justification in postponing the November election.

The dire fear of Trump returning to power and upending the globalist/WEF’s draconian designs has even led to the suggestion on a major network that assassination should be considered.

For the benefit of Farouk Araie and his fellow alarmists, fears of nuclear war are a baseless tale of sound and fury. Not even Kim Un of North Korea would consider it because its consequence is MAD—mutually assured destruction

The only war that is raging is the information war.

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