After Masks, End Vaccines As Well

Without admitting there never was any science in wearing masks, the long-overdue decision of the health ministry (The Mercury, June 22) to abandon the wearing of masks, five months after the practice was scrapped in the UK, merits no praise whatsoever.

On the contrary, what needs to be appreciated is the extent to which science was ignored over the past two years by power-hungry politicians and the extent to which freedom of association and of choice was unscientifically curtailed and dictated.

Be that as it may, the statistics presented by the health ministry on the alleged “spike” in Covid infections, begs a basic question:  were the recent nine deaths cited the result of Covid or were there co-morbidities? Failure to make that distinction has been central to the death claims ascribed to Covid and the key driver in exaggerating what was never a pandemic because of the 99% recovery rate.

While the health ministry expresses concern at sustained Covid infections, instead of continuing to promote vaxxing, it should take note of the spate of re-infections in highly vaxxed countries like Portugal, Belgium and Israel. Given the recognised reality that the so-called vaccines do not promote Covid immunity, it does not take rocket science to realise that the recurrence of Covid amongst the vaxxed is because their immune systems are depleted by the vaccine and progressively weakened by boosters, a factor proven by reputable scientists in the US, UK and elsewhere.

If the health ministry really wants to see Covid reduced to a seasonal affliction – which it is – then it should ban the vaccines which have never been properly tested and which have already caused tens of thousands of premature deaths and weakened the health of millions.

None dare call it a conspiracy, but has it ever occurred to anyone that the effects of the jab are the real pandemic?

Sent into The Mercury and published, 22 June 2018.

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