A Pox On The Covid Narrative Of Deceit

Since the announcement by the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) on August 11 of a significant reconfiguring of its narrative on Covid-19, vaccines and related preventative measures, with the exception of the Wall Street Journal, there has been a deafening silence from all the proponents of the previous narrative.

That silence includes the three UKZN scientists who were challenged on August 22 in these columns to respond to the virtual volte-face of the medical establishment on the subject. It is also a disgrace that no apology to those who dissented from the flawed narrative has emanated from the echo chamber of the mainstream media (MSM), the globalist ANC government, big business, the Big Pharma-funded sections of the medical profession and critics on this letters page. A pox on the adherents of the Covid narrative of deceit!

In a world of propaganda, truth is always a conspiracy. Yet following the CDC’s reconfiguring of its narrative that was unscientifically applied worldwide as holy writ, what was condemned as conspiracy has now been exonerated.  According to the new CDC Guidelines, the unvaxxed, who were all supposed to be dead by now, have the same status as the vaxxed, masks are gone along with vax passports because the vax does not prevent Covid infection. “Covid is no longer disrupting our lives,” says Creta Massetti, CDC chief epidemiologist. The CDC even concedes that in future it is up to individuals to decide how to cope with health risks. A bit late for all the deceased victims of the false narrative.

In examining the op-ed piece published in the Wall Street Journal on August 18 by John Tierney, one is struck by its contortions of subterfuge. It rightly rails against the lockdowns and mask mandates as “the most radical experiment in the history of public health. Oppressive measures were taken against the long-standing advice of public-health experts who warned that they would lead to catastrophe and were proven right.”

“Decades of research were ignored,” yet the CDC and its adherents insisted they were “following the science.” But nowhere does the article concede that by its support for those very measures, it was complicit, along with the rest of the MSM, in the suffering unnecessarily caused. Now it acknowledges that the Johns Hopkins University studies of mask efficacy around the world and of lockdowns showed they had “little or no effect on Covid mortality.”

It is well and good that the Wall Street Journal wants to hold Fauci and the CDC “accountable” for the damage their draconian measures caused to millions. But why is there no admission of complicity in the application of those measures?

Why is the ANC Command Council silent about the absurd measures it imposed by closing beaches, churches and outdoor facilities, preventing inter-provincial travel, banning cigarette and alcohol sales, killing small businesses and exacerbating unemployment? Why did it not admit that the Covid virus dies instantly once outdoors and exposed to sunlight? Why, then, did it impose lockdowns, masks and stay-at-home rules which actually incubated the virus? Why were opposition parties complicit in this human tragedy?

Those responsible for this outrageous and tyrannical travesty can never again be trusted and deserve lasting contempt and disgrace. Similar antipathy is deserved by all those who stupidly and ignorantly continue to wear masks.


  • frank edwards Posted 27 September 2022 6:30 pm

    It’s because of you and Graham that I have to fetch the dratted Mercury from my letter box every day before morning tea…well done and thank you!

    You’re our Reiner Fuellmich chief of the informed few…well done keep at it and thank you!

  • Rick Spencer Posted 18 October 2022 4:57 pm

    It’s Johns Hopkins (John with an ‘s’)…

    An excellent article, Duncan!

    • Frederic Posted 19 October 2022 6:56 am

      Thank you. I’ve updated the spelling error.

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