2024 Writing A New Chapter In History
Whatever the shortcomings of his interview with Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson succeeded in exposing the falsehood of the globalist narrative that Putin is a threat to Europe and the wider world.
Unsurprisingly, the likes of Hillary Clinton, whose foundation has profited enormously from Ukraine, have dismissed Carlson as Putin’s mouthpiece. Their reason is Putin’s deprecation of the Biden regime’s aid to the corrupt Zelensky dictatorship of Ukraine echoes the growing opposition in the US to the globalist narrative on Ukraine.
From a wider perspective, as L Oosthuizen wrote in The Mercury on January 31, ‘the common sense revolution is gaining traction.’ The unprecedented response of farmers in France, Holland, Germany, Italy and elsewhere to the lunatic demands of the Orwellian globalists, the political rejection of globalism in Argentina, the political demise of the globalist toadies, Macron and Trudeau, the vast crowds of Americans who overwhelm the venues at which Trump holds rallies—all of this indicates that 2024 is writing a new chapter in history.
That chapter is relegating the labels of left-wing and right-wing to the past. The future is about whether one embraces socialist, anti-Christian, ecocide globalism, or God-fearing nationalism, tradition, and heritage.

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