2022 Set For Covid Narrative Showdown

After a year of censorship and derisory comments on challenges to the Covid-19 and vaccine narrative, 2022 promises to expose the credibility of that narrative in the light of recent disclosures by the FDA, the CDC and the resident in the White House.

In a letter dated December 16 to Pfizer Inc. the Acting Chief Scientist of the Federal Drug Administration, Dr Jacqueline O’Shaughnessy, wrote: “There is no adequate, approved and available alternative to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine which has not been approved by the FDA but has been authorised for emergency use under a EUA” (p9).

Thus, the claim that the Pfizer vaccines are FDA approved is a case of being economical with the truth. Only its vaccine known as Comirnaty is FDA approved, but as Dr O’Shaughnessy points out, “there is not sufficient available for distribution.” So, despite the “printed material relating to Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that the product has not been approved by the FDA” (p18), the widespread promotion of Covid vaccines as tried and tested is false.

Worse still is the unconstitutional pressure and coercion to which people are being subjected despite the FDA disclaimer on its fact sheet that “it is your choice to receive or not receive the vaccine.”  As regards pressures being applied to parents to have children vaccinated, Dr O’Shaughnessy states: “There are no Covid-19 vaccines that are approved for individuals age five through 15 years” (p9).

Yet the resident in the White House and the mayor of New York are demanding that children be vaxxed. Dr Robert Malone, a prominent virologist along with 5,000 medical scientists has issued a declaration against the vaxxing of children warning that it may cause “irreversible” damage because of its genetic nature. To date, 24 states are suing Biden’s vax mandate for children.

Despite the fact that Pfizer-BioNTech is unapproved, Dr O’Shaughnessy stated (p.9): “It is reasonable to believe that the vaccine may be effective in preventing Covid-19.” Given the widespread reality that the vast majority of fresh Covid and omicron infections are occurring among those already vaccinated, exposes another untruth about the official narrative.

On December 27, the Director of the Center for Disease Control, Dr Rochelle Walensky, conceded what many scientists have known, namely, that the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test is unreliable and tends to produce false positives.

That admission lends credibility to the view, which was dismissed as a “conspiracy theory,” that the PCR test, the “gold standard” of diagnosis, played a key role in manufacturing the extent of the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, on the basis of the PCR tests’ unscientific findings, a whole bureaucratic edifice of draconian restrictions and lockdowns was constructed and imposed.

On December 27, the resident in the White House, who promised a prompt end to the pandemic, recognised that his autocratic handling of the whole issue has failed when he stated: “There is no Federal solution to Covid. This gets solved at state level.”

But actions have consequences. For Biden, Fauci, the FDA, the CDC, Democratic governors, Big Pharma and their mass media chorus, the untruths of their narrative and the millions of adverse vaccine effects are set to have major legal and political outcomes.

Sent to The Mercury and published 4 Jan 2022.

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