Why Are Natural Resource Discoveries Ignored?

Is the silence of The Mercury concerning fossil fuel energy discoveries off the Namibian coast and the Orange River Basin part of the Green energy/renewables lobby’s narrative on such discoveries?

According to James Lorimer writing in the Daily Friend, two new oil wells of vast potential off the Namibian coast rate among the most promising fossil fuel sources anywhere in the world. Further south, in what is called the Orange River Basin, off the Northern Cape, an oilfield there has an estimated capacity of 10 billion barrels.

The other bonanza of that area is the existence of a vast gas resource estimated at 50 trillion feet in capacity which could generate 1,000 megawatts for 25 years.

Besides the significant employment opportunities possible from the exploitation of those resources, they obviously constitute continuity in electricity generation and enormous economic benefit.

The silence of the green lobby and their pathetic wind turbine energy generating, bird killing apparatus along with solar panels – all imported from China – exposes the disingenuousness of their decarbonisation motives.

Instead of generating more debt by pursuing so-called renewable energy sources based on the utter falsehood that climate change is man-made through use of fossil fuels, the  media and elected representatives should be lobbying strenuously for the exploitation of these natural resources.  Certainly as part of BRICS which rejects the phony decarbonisation narrative, that is what South Africans should be endorsing.

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