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Regrettably, John Wittstock errs twice in the “facts” he adduces on the US 2020 election – first by claiming them as facts and then by indicating they are the final word in rejecting electoral fraud.

In the Dominion voting machine case, Professor Halderman did acknowledge that the machines could be hacked to flip votes. The seriousness of his claim caused the Biden White House to urge Georgia judge Amy Totenburg not to release Halderman’s analysis of the machines as disclosure “could undermine election security” (Epoch Times, February 12, 2022).

In another case involving electoral fraud, the Konnech software company of Michigan was found to have collected voting data, transmitted it to China where it was manipulated then returned to US voting stations. When that information was first disclosed by the conservative cybersleuths, True The Vote, the Washington Post rejected it as “misinformation.” But on October 17, 2022, the paper expressed alarm that Chinese hackers had scanned more than 100 US state-level political party domains and stolen hundreds of terabytes of data. The Konnech case opined the Post, was “a matter of national security.”

Although there is a great deal more evidence of electoral fraud, a few examples will suffice: 3 million voter registrations in NY state had no basic voter detail; 150,000 ballots in Wisconsin could not be connected with valid addresses; 15 of 17 counties in Nevada reported more votes than registered voters; 120,000 ballots in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, could not be reconciled with actual voters; in Fulton County a judge ordered the unsealing of 147,000 mail-in ballots after it was found that many were Xerox copies.

Regarding Mr Wittstock’s interest in the Deep State, refers to the military-industrial complex about which Eisenhower warned JFK. Like an octopus, it links media, educational, business, institutional and political party elites. It is driven by high finance in the interests of high finance. Over the past 70 years, this powerful cabal has infiltrated all strata of government and determined the narratives on war and policy matters.

Its ability to do so stems from its control of both major parties. Whether Gore or Bush won in 2000 was irrelevant because both serve the elite as was the case in elections involving Obama, McCain and Romney. But in 2016, the unexpected happened. Trump, who opposes the insider elite, defeated Deep State’s Hillary Clinton. Hence, since 2016 he has faced an all-out vendetta to defeat and destroy him.

Deep State’s globalist agenda is being glaringly implemented by the Biden puppet regime: open borders, population control through vaccines, surveillance, censorship, increased federal control at the expense of states’ rights, marginalisation of the first and second amendments, political weaponisation of the justice system, bloating of the fiscal debt. And that is reality – not conspiracy theory.

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