Ulterior Motives Behind Djokovic’s Treatment

The Australian government’s high-handed treatment of tennis star Novak Djokovic’s because of his refusal to have the Covid vaccination highlights not only the weakness of the case for the jab. It also suggests that Djokovic’s state of health is not the real reason for threatening to deport him. (The Mercury, January 12).

By its insistence that everyone entering Australia has to have been vaccinated, the Australian government, like others, prioritises fiction over science. There are three incontrovertible reasons to reject the jab: [1] none of the vaccines is FDA approved and, therefore, none is certified to produce Covid immunity; [2] all of the manufacturers are indemnified against adverse effects; [3] almost all the fresh outbreaks of Covid are among the previously vaccinated while reports of adverse effects and deaths mount daily.

Against those stark realities, there is no justification for any government to make Covid vaccination mandatory. The fact that is occurring should cause people to question the basis of the unscientific madness of that agenda and who is dictating its narrative.

Further highlighting the absurdity of Djokovic’s treatment is the fact that having had Covid and recovered, his body has developed natural immunity which 135 independent studies prove is superior to any vaccine. So, besides being unvaxxed, Djokovic’s superb state of health should be of zero concern to any reasonable authority.

Yet that is not the case which is why it seems there are ulterior motives accounting for the Australian government’s treatment of Djokovic. These may stem from his high profile support for the groundswell of opposition in Serbia to the intention of the Anglo-Australian Rio Tinto company to desecrate 850 hectares of rich agricultural land in the Jadar valley to mine lithium.

The $2,4 billion project would endanger 145 species of fish, fauna and flora, produce 57 million tons of waste and negatively affect the waters of the two rivers upon which 2,5 million people rely.

Considering that Prime Minister Scott Morison’s chief adviser, Dr John Kunkel, was the deputy CEO of the Mineral Council of Australia and Rio Tinto and presided over relations between Rio Tinto and the government, it would seem the imposition of draconian Covid regulations on Djokovic constitute a smokescreen to mask the Australian government’s displeasure at Djokovic’s opposition to Rio Tinto’s Serbian intentions.

Sent into The Mercury and published 14 Jan 2022.

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