Trojan Horse Strategy Of BLM

Marxists have always excelled in forming front organisations through which they promote their agenda. In many cases, such organisations appear innocuous and well-meaning and consequently attract widespread support.

In considering the controversy that has arisen over Black Lives Matter, (The Mercury, July 10), it is necessary to distinguish between the founders of BLM and its popular support. BLM was founded in 2015 by three individuals, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi. By their own admission, they are “trained Marxists.” BLM’s official programme is to “disrupt the Western, prescribed nuclear family structure” and to abolish capitalism, the police and prisons (CNN and the Gatestone Institute, July 7).

The aims of BLM have little to do with advancing black lives and improving social relations. On the contrary, the dystopia their agenda would establish would be a nightmare of poverty and misery for all, except the marathon of BLM sows division and inflames racial feelings. That is precisely what its founders intend and which is a key part of Saul Alinsky’s  1971 eight-point Rules for Racist elite.

As the July 10 edition of The Mercury showed, the pro-radicals programme exploits class and race to tear society apart and transform it into a Marxist dystopia.

As such, the BLM movement is a Trojan horse strategy.  By exploiting emotions and inducing guilt over history, heritage and cultural values, the BLM agenda seeks to compel the abdication of those in authority. Failure to recognise that reality was clearly expressed by Democrat New York City mayor Bill de Blasio on July 9 when he stated: “We have to respect these [BLM] protests as historic moments of change.”The hypocrisy of  BLM’s focus in promoting black victimhood is that it ignores what black people inflict on themselves. According to the Global Slavery Index, there are 9.2 million slaves in Africa enslaved by Africans. Over the recent July 4 weekend, 80 people were shot in Chicago and 64 in New York City. Almost all were victims of black-on-black violence. The silence of  BLM on such issues is an indictment of its true colours.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 11 July 2020.

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