Significance Of EFF’s Extravaganza

The costly and elaborate extravaganza which the EFF held to mark its tenth anniversary (The Mercury, July 31) should send disquieting signals to all who fear and oppose totalitarian communism.

The financing of that extravaganza reflects the historical reality of the rise of communist movements:  they are bankrolled by capitalist forces which use them to secure monopolies over resources at the expense of the freedom of the masses. Wall Street financed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Tycoon Tiny Rowland’s LonRho mining giant supported Robert Mugabe. George Soros is financing Marxism in America.

The financial support given by wealthy individuals and corporate structures to the EFF cannot be dismissed as a result of ignorance. Just as a tiny minority of just seven million communist party members controlled the USSR, the expectation of monopoly control of South Africa’s resources in the event of the EFF’s accession to power is what motivates the EFF’s financial backers.

What also needs to be realised is the significance accorded to the EFF’s chant of “Kill the farmer. Kill the boer.” In any half-decent country, such an exhortation would be recognised as racist, hate speech inciting murder, violence and civil war. It is the same script the tyrant Robert Mugabe used when in 2000 he branded white farmers in Zimbabwe as “the enemy of the people.” Zimbabwe has never recovered and will never recover from the consequences of Mugabe’s policy.

The EFF is a cancer within this country that needs to be treated not by excising it but by exposing it and its bankrollers. Stifling its financial means would politically emasculate it and prevent the sort of future that has destroyed Zimbabwe.

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