Sharm El Sheikh Puppet Show

The key to understanding the apocalyptic predictions of global incineration emanating from the UN meeting at Sharm El Sheikh is found in the claim by UN global communications under-secretary, Melissa Fleming: “We own the science.”

The expression “he who pays the piper calls the tune” has never been more evident than now. As we have seen, and continue to see, medical science was corrupted to lend credibility to a false pandemic and then to a failed vaccine. Despite the undisputable records of history to the contrary, high-end funding to a coterie of scientists has enabled the globalist minority to propagate the lie that fossil fuels are killing the planet.

Pursuing the money trail further, of the 100 so-called heads of state gathered at Sharm El Sheikh, with few exceptions, the majority are beholden to the dictates of the World Economic Forum and its agenda of a depopulated planet. In other words, a small elite extends control over what are supposed to be sovereign, independent states which explains how, in unison, they spout the same alarmist slogans like “cooperate or perish” (The Mercury, November 8).

As such, the Sharm El Sheikh gathering is a shameless, fraudulent puppet show. If those attending had a smidgen of integrity that they would acknowledge the truth that climate change is not man-made and that their energy alternatives of wind and solar power are neither feasible nor affordable.

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