Natural Immunity May Preclude The Need For Vaccination

The debate concerning the rights of individuals to oppose Covid-19 vaccination and the obligation of employers to ensure a safe working environment (The Mercury, August 2), is quite unnecessary because it ignores an obvious solution.

Degrees of exposure to viruses enable the human body to build up an immunity, as Dr Edward Jenner observed over 200 years ago when he discovered that the exposure of milkmaids to cowpox immunised them against smallpox.

Therefore, before anyone has the Covid jab they should be tested to establish the extent to which their body has built up natural immunity. Consequently, they may not need to consider vaccination.

In the first place, none of the vaccines has been approved by the US Federal Drug Administration. They are all on trial and require years of testing before they can be properly medically validated.

Secondly, like the ‘flu vaccines, the Covid ones cannot immunise against all variants of the virus. So, having the jab is no guarantee of immunity as borne out by the fact that not only have those vaccinated subsequently contracted Covid-19, but many have suffered adverse side effects and even death as a result.

Thirdly, the mania to have the jab is not being driven by science but by the commercial interests of Big Pharma abetted by the mass media and ambitious politicians. By stampeding people into having the Covid vaccination, the big pharmaceutical companies stand to rake in billions which will be repeated when they declare the need for a second jab because the first untested one has failed.

Anyway, the idea that Covid-19 is a pandemic is false. There is no pandemic because the recovery rate is 96% and higher. If there was a pandemic then at least 30% of the population would be dead as was the case during the Black Death (1349-1351).

Published in The Mercury August 2021

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