MONKEYPOX: The Next Pandemic?

The most important aspect of the Covid experience was that a cabal within the ANC government was permitted to exploit what was never “a state of emergency” so as to engender fear as the basis to suspend constitutional rights. Now that the KZN administration is “on high alert for monkeypox” (The Mercury, May 27), are we going to witness a new, contrived “emergency” to justify a new round of unconstitutional regulations and restrictions?

Measures to extend government control over populations featured prominently at the Davos meeting of the elites of the World Economic Forum. In principle, as a major step toward world government, the globalists endorsed the transfer of individual state sovereignty on health issues to the World Health Organisation making it the sole arbiter of policy and decision-making.

Notably, Bill Gates expressed disappointment with the Covid vaccines, observing that “they don’t have much in the way of duration and they are not good at infection blocking.” Ironically, for saying as much, vax critics were accused of “misinformation.” Nonetheless, Gates and Big Pharma have moved on to the next pandemic – monkeypox.  According to the court-ordered Pfizer data on the Covid “vaccine,” one of the numerous effects of the Pfizer jab is “auto-immune blistering disease” – monkeypox?

In March, according to RF Kennedy’s The Defender, Gates, the WHO and Big Pharma executives held a monkeypox pandemic simulation exercise. Right on cue, during the Davos meeting, Biden issued a warning about the “threat” of monkeypox following a report that the CDC had recorded six cases in the US. Belgium, with just four cases, immediately declared a 21-day quarantine. As if a switch had been thrown, all the highly vaxed countries in the northern hemisphere, including Australia, all noted cases of monkeypox.

The fear switch on social media showed photographs of bodies covered in blistering pustules which were actually shingles cases, not monkeypox.  Despite the fact that the contagion is not life-threatening, the globalists are determined to have a new pandemic. Biden promptly announced an emergency fund of $120 million for a monkeypox “vaccine.”

The Covid “pandemic” saw the criminalisation of human rights. Whole populations were locked down, livelihoods denied and destroyed, travel banned, inexpensive, effective medicines denounced, vaccine mandates unconstitutionally imposed, incarceration of the unvaxxed in camps, narrative dissent demonised and dismissed. From that, it should be obvious that the globalists’ preoccupation with health issues is merely a red herring to facilitate transformation into an Orwellian dispensation.

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