MAGA Movement Not Abating

While Anthony Starkey (The Mercury, August 8) is correct in noting that numerous state court challenges regarding fraud in the 2020 US election have been unsuccessful, the fact that the majority of states have tightened electoral regulations serves as an indicator of awareness that electoral fraud was a factor.

Predictably Mr Starkey dismisses references to instances of corrupted Dominion voting machines, under-age voters, unregistered voters, missing ballots, deceased voters and other irregularities as “yarns” and “rabbit-hole theories.” However, indictments against officials in Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin and elsewhere for blatant electoral fraud do not support his view.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in July that absentee ballot drop boxes are illegal. Its decision comes in the wake of irrefutable evidence of ballot trafficking. The Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, is being sued by the Biden regime for making voter ID a necessity. Why would a requirement that is mandatory for any legal transaction be objectionable for voting unless an ulterior motive exists?

In October the US Supreme Court will deliberate on the Moore v Harper case which involves whether election officials have the power to set election rules and the extent to which state courts can overturn such rules. This case is representative of several instances across the US where officials determined the manner in which elections could be held. Section 4 of Article 1 of the US constitution requires that only state legislatures prescribe such procedures. As Trump has pointed out, by state legislatures allowing officials to usurp that responsibility, the door was opened for electoral fraud.

It is no “rabbit-hole theory” that Biden’s achievement of 14 million more votes than Hillary Clinton received in 2016 when he did no campaigning, is highly questionable. But as Time magazine explained in February 2021, “a cabal of powerful people across a range of industries” collaborated to “shape the election outcome.”

That statement makes it clear that there was an agenda and a strategy by the globalists to use unlawful means to deny Trump a second term. It is also the reason the damning contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop was falsely dismissed as “Russian disinformation” lest the mission to install the Manchurian president was derailed.

The surge of Trump-backed candidates in the primaries and the vast crowds that attend his rallies are indicators that, far from being” time up,” as Anthony Starkey declares, the influence and role of Donald Trump is writing a new chapter in US history. Even New York Times columnist Thomas Edsall conceded on April 20 that Trump’s “MAGA movement shows no sign of abating.”

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