Join The Dots To Track USA Transformation

Confusion as to where the Biden regime is taking the US would not be necessary if the indicator dots supplied by Obama and Hillary Clinton were joined.

Despite his pledge to a strong economy, as president, Obama committed the US to globalism which meant exporting American jobs to Mexico and China and progressively submerging the US economy into the globalist dictates of the World Economic Forum.

To facilitate the achievement of global government, the sovereignty and nationalism of the US have to be subverted and neutered. That was the end objective of an intended 16 years of Democrat occupation of the White House- eight years of Obama followed by eight years of Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s totally unexpected 2016 presidential victory, therefore, constituted a major setback to the globalist goals which is why throughout his presidency Trump faced efforts to discredit and impeach him. It also explains why the Democrats resorted to unlawful measures in order to place Biden in the White House.

Since Trump’s policies retarded the globalists’ goals by reviving the US military and economy while championing peace and national sovereignty, the accession of the Biden regime to power necessitated a scramble to get the 16-year plan back on track.

That was evident in the unprecedented flurry of Executive Orders Biden has signed. The first casualty of Trump’s legacy was the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline and the dismantling of US energy independence in line with the Obama/Clinton commitment to the complete phasing out of fossil fuels.

Open borders and the replacement of sovereign states by hemispheres were one of Hillary Clinton’s unambiguously expressed policy goals.  To that end, the wall that Trump had built but not completed on the southern border was abandoned, and millions of illegal aliens were encouraged to flood in.

Eroding the provisions of the US constitution is an integral part of the 16-year plan. To that end, there is, now proof that the Biden regime has requested Big Tech to censor private posts on social media and to forward those identified to the FBI. This is in blatant violation of the first amendment. Worse still, parents who oppose the imposition of the Marxist Critical Race Theory and grooming in schools have been branded as “domestic terrorists” and subjected to armed FBI raids and arrests.

In order to disarm the population, the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms, is being violated with laws criminalising the bearing of arms in public, bans on the sale of certain guns and a plethora of regulations for gun owners.

State rights over policing and education, as provided for by the 10th amendment, are being violated in terms of defunding the police with the intention of placing all policing and school education under federal control.

Military expenditure has been reduced and the capability of the military retarded by the forced imposition of wokeism.

Following her defeat in 2016 for failing to gain the required 270 Electoral College votes, Hillary Clinton has declared the abolition of the Electoral College a Democrat goal along with the enlargement of the Supreme Court in order to override anti-globalist justices.

Rampant inflation and trillions in deficit expenditure by the Democrats are ensuring the extent of impoverishment needed to make the US subservient to the dictates of the globalist oligarchy. And all of the above is being abetted by the aligned mass media.

The outcome of the mid-terms on November 8 will determine whether America has reached a turning point or a point of no return.

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