Whilst it is a pleasure to spar with The Mercury on the issue of Covid vaccination, the editorial of December 6, once again exhorting people to submit to the jab, raises two vital issues that are being ignored.

Nobody would buy a product that is certified not to perform the task for which it was made. None of the vaccines is certified to produce immunity against Covid which is why all the manufacturers are indemnified against claims in that regard as well as adverse effects.

On that simple, scientific basis there is no logic in having Covid vaccines. Reinforcing that reality is the fact that increasing numbers of people who have had the jab are finding themselves infected by Covid. Worse still, many are suffering adverse effects and dying.

Urging people to be vaccinated supposedly to avoid the mild, new omicron variant is equally illogical because science does not have an antidote to it. So having a jab is not only a shot in the dark but a risk of suffering adverse effects and illness. As it is, Pfizer has stated it has no intention of disclosing the data content of its “vaccine” until 2076. That ought to trigger fear and foreboding.

Almost 100 studies by eminent scientists at universities ranging from Yale and Oxford to Stanford concur that natural immunity totally trumps vaccines. Yet that scientific reality is being ignored and raises the question, why? Cui bono? Who benefits? The Big Pharma, of course –  aided and abetted by corrupt politicians and the mass media.

To the sceptics out there and those who refuse to read views that challenge their own, here’s a statement by Don Trump Jnr to chew on: “What is the difference between what is branded a conspiracy theory and the truth? Answer: about six months.”

Published in The Mercury on the 7th December 2021.

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