COVID Combat Promoting Alinsky Plan

Gerry Nelson (Mercury, May 5) is quite correct in stating that in combatting the Coronavirus the ANC is advancing socialism.

The lockdown is in fact proceeding in lockstep with the eight-phase strategy Saul Alinsky proclaimed in 1971 by which a country can be transformed into a socialist dictatorship.

Already, despite its unaffordability and impracticality, the ANC is forging ahead with the imposition of NHI. State control of health is the first step followed by increased levels of poverty and dependence on state aid. With 18 million people dependent on state grants, up from 2,4 million in 1994, the Alinsky plan is on track.

Allied with that is food control. Under the ANC’S Covid-19 combat regulations, only provincial and local governments may distribute food. Anyone else has to apply for a permit to do so. And of course, permit application, inevitably, is tied up in red tape and delays so as to frustrate and discourage private initiative. Yet ironically, the government happily accepted billions of Rand in welfare aid from the private sector.

Besides, as everyone knows, service delivery from all levels of government is corrupt and inefficient. Worse still, by insisting on controlling food distribution to the needy, the ANC has politicised a fundamental of life, a strategy Stalin understood very well in the 1930s, which is fifth on the Alinsky list.

Promoting debt is third on the Alinsky programme. The squeeze put on private enterprise by inflexible labour regulations and B-BBEE has already flat-lined economic growth. The lockdown is having a terminal effect on even more business ventures, thus increasing debt, poverty and ultimately state dependence.

Gun control, at number four, is already mired in swathes of red tape aimed at disarming the law-abiding. And suddenly we have 73,000 militia out protecting the government from those who may challenge its authoritarian regulations. Education at number six has progressed well in lowering standards and churning out illiterates. Religion at number seven may be a hold-out in securing all eight of the Alinsky plan. But the eighth phase, class warfare, is a firm favourite of socialists.

Between the likes of Malema who has promised the slaughter of whites at some future point, discrimination against whites in terms of demographic representivity and now discrimination against whites in terms of food parcel distribution and business aid, the demonization and marginalisation of whites is on track.

Adroit appeals to the Concourt seem to be the only avenue left to head off the worst of the Alinsky socialist dystopia.

Sent into The Mercury and Published, May 6, 2020.

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