Conned By False Narratives

It is often easier to believe a lie than to accept that you have been lied to. Gabi Marais’ continued belief in the efficacy of masks (The Mercury, June 24) is a case in point.

From the outset in March 2020, the dictate that masks were compulsory was the result of collusion between power-addicted politicians, always eager to impose controls over society and to inhibit freedom, and scientists beholden to the financial backing they depend upon from Big Pharma.

As I have pointed out on various occasions in these columns, there is a very practical reason masks are ineffective in inhibiting the transmission of the Covid virus: apertures in the average weave of masks are between 70 and 80 microns. The size of the Covid virus is one micron. So wearing a mask is as ineffective as erecting a chain-link fence and expecting to keep the mosquitoes out.

The Great Barrington Declaration, endorsed by more than 60,000 scientists and medical practitioners, opposed masks, lockdowns and social distancing as counter-productive. The correctness of their stand was proved in Sweden and South Dakota which did not apply mask mandates and did not experience any spike in Covid affliction.  The compilation of 400 independent studies by the Brownstone Institute in the US dismissed mask-wearing as futile.

Central to all aspects of the so-called Covid pandemic is that science has been falsely exploited by Big Pharma, the mass media and craven politicians. The billions in profits made as a result of the Covid protocols and the vaccines were intentional, not coincidental.

Despite the fact that the vaccines do not produce immunity, despite the increasing numbers of deaths directly caused by them and their crippling effects, from miscarriages to heart ailments,  Gabi Marais’s fervent belief in the jab sadly proves the extent to which she and too many others have been conned by false narratives.

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