BLM in Perspective

Despite the media admission by its founders that BLM is Marxist in ideology and is intent on weaponising race so as to foment social discord and division, it is a disgrace that by its editorials of July 17 and 22, The Mercury sees fit to play along with this chicanery.

The Mercury exhorts “white South Africans to heed the call for change which has been amplified by the BLM.” What change is The Mercury advocating? The change that the BLM wants is to “disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family, to abolish the police, prisons and capitalism.” That was stated by BLM on July 7 on CNN and can be read on the Gatestone Institute website posted on July 7.

The first BLM objective is to exploit racial emotions and to hobble white people psychologically by inducing a guilt complex about their history and heritage.  Apparently, only white people are imbued with this disease called “systemic racism” which promotes “victimhood” among black people.

Ironically, the biggest cause of “victimhood” among black people is what they impose on themselves through black-on-black violence and the indifference of their leaders towards their welfare as exemplified by the plight of black people in Zimbabwe and the growing black poverty under the ANC in South Africa. If black lives really matter, then black people need to get their own house in order before pointing fingers.

Let’s be clear about this whole mantra of “change” and “transformation:” It is a scapegoat intended simultaneously to deflect attention from the failure of ANC rule and to reduce whites to the status of bywoners.

So, as a fifth-generation white South African whose forebears from 1850 played an honourable role in working to develop the country, as the preamble of our constitution reminds us to note, I bend my knee only to Jesus Christ.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 23 July 2020

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