Biden’s  Un-American Narrative

The lawfare being perpetrated by the Biden regime against its opponents has made a mockery of the words of Lee Greenwood’s song “I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.”

In a free country, everyone is equal before the law. But when a two-tier system of justice prevails in which application of law differs between opponents of the regime and its adherents, then freedom is replaced by despotism. As Tucker Carlson remarked recently, America today is not the same country in which he grew up.

Blinding people of this fact is the silence of the mass media on the weaponised oppression of political dissent and the violation of the first amendment. As Senator Rand Paul has observed, “the Constitution was not written to restrain citizens’ behaviour. It was written to restrain the government’s behaviour.”

Unless the Supreme Court intervenes, this week Peter Navarro, who was Trump’s top trade negotiator, will be jailed for ignoring a subpoena from the totally partisan House January 6 committee. Yet Hunter Biden has ignored a House subpoena and has not been threatened with imprisonment. In 2017 Obama’s Attorney-General, Eric Holder, ignored a House subpoena without jail consequences.

Records obtained by Judicial Watch in a lawsuit against the Department of Justice (DOJ) show that 200 CIA personnel were deployed amongst the crowd on January 6, 2021 in order to provoke and perpetrate violence so as to project the image of a Trump ordained insurrection. The unredacted video material Tucker Carlson has screened exposes the falsehood of that narrative.

Yet to date 1,250 Trump supporters have been charged with ‘insurrection’ and ‘sedition’ of which 890 have been jailed, many for periods in excess of a decade. To date only one member of BLM/Antifa has been charged with arson and violence following the riots of 2020 when more than 40 people were killed and destruction in excess of $2 billion occurred.

Steve Baker, a conservative journalist, was brought to court in leg manacles last month three years after he published his account of January 6. Unlike the 60 other journalists who covered that event, Baker faces prison.

Over 1,4 million undergrad students have been punished or threatened for expressing views contrary to official narratives. In outright contravention of the first amendment, the Biden regime has colluded with Big Tech to monitor and suspend social media accounts of those who oppose prescribed narratives.

Parents who have objected to wokeism, transgenderism and critical race theory being imposed on their children are officially branded as ‘domestic terrorists’ by the Biden DOJ. According to Biden and Kamala Harris, such people along with all Trump supporters pose the ‘greatest threat’ to America.

If the mass media focused on the spirit of the vast, unprecedented crowds of people who gather at every Trump rally, it would be obvious that Biden’s new world order narrative is not only un-American but is doomed.

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