Banks and The ESG

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the 16th largest Federal-insured bank in the US, which embraced Environmental Social Governance (ESG), the tool and strategy of the UN and its vision for a new world order, has become a casualty of ESG.

Significantly, the mass media have ignored the real reasons for SVB’s collapse because it clashes with their new world order narrative.  ESG policies involve promoting green energy projects, racial equity and other so-called progressive initiatives such as BLM and LGBT.

According to the Washington Examiner, Silicon Valley Bank  made substantial loans to 1,500 start-up climate tech firms, most of which had no collateral or ability to service debt. Indeed, most of their directors had no banking experience. SVB’s investing strategy, guided by ESG objectives, caused its undoing. Another ESG adherent, Signature Bank which has also collapsed, prioritised compulsory seminars for its staff in correct pronoun usage.

The extent to which major banks are financing ESG has been disclosed by the Clare Institute. In recent years, $83 billion has been channelled to the Marxist organisers of the foot soldiers of the ESG such as BLM, Antifa and, in all likelihood, the MS13 terror group and other radical groups.

Adherence to ESG policies guarantees the demise of traditional social order, the corruption of science by insisting that fossil fuels are causing climate change and totalitarian control of the ordained narrative by “sanitising the internet” – former NZ PM Jacinda Arderne’s new assignment.

One of the great historical cover-ups of the 20th century was the super-capitalist financing of  the  accession to power in Russia and Germany by the Communists and the Nazis. Only decades later was that revealed in books such as Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Who Financed Hitler. Since history repeats itself, we should not be surprised that the elites of high finance are bankrolling  ESG in plain sight for the intended Orwellian new world order.

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    Completely I share your opinion. I like this idea, I completely with you agree.

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